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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Clayton's 1981 Harley

This is my beautiful 1981 Harley Davidson Tour Glide Classic or fltc.  I have had this machine about four years.  To be honest can't really tell you for sure.  We have had ups and downs.  Broken cables leaving me out in the cold and fish tail exhaust pipes getting me laid a time or two. Since these wonderful encounters I have replaced the rusted out fish tails with drag pipes.  It's the second year Harley put out their 80 ci motor and this thing is built from hell.  I've already put about 12000 miles on it since it's been rebuilt and just had the top end redone.  This motor will rattle the dentures out of your face.  Accompanied by the ugliest seat in the world I am fully convinced I can go a good 500 miles before my ass tingles.  As ugly as it is where ever I roll up all eyes are on me.  Soon enough the motor will be torn out of it and put into a chopper but for now she's mine and she treats me well.  Stay smoggy!!!!


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