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Thursday, February 6, 2014


I could have sworn I had more than 8 posts, but that sounds about right. When I reflected on it a few weeks ago, I realized every VAN LIFE post had sort of disappointed me; I never felt like the essence was captured. Perhaps that's because it felt so pure each night. This also may just be an excuse for neglect.  Who knows, and here I am. I moved into a room just this past Saturday. Of course, it's bare-bones, and I love it. Books are out with more to come. Records are spinning. Heat is heating. Wine is wining. I can cook what I want and when I want. I can shower when I want. And I can pee indoors, rather than sneaking around shadowy corners outside. Appreciation is certainly present. Pictures above are just a tiny glance. 

Worldly Wisdom
Do not stay in the field!
Nor climb out of sight.
The best view of the world
Is from a medium height.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So it's been pretty easy to get distracted around here lately.  I was sprucing up the 78' DJ5 a little bit here and there.  She roars man... straight roars.  I mean it's an AMC Jeep, gonna shred.  Sadly though I parted ways via my bro in law and she's off to a better home.  Turning another direction towards summer, I swooped a 1990 Harley Davidson XL1200 Evo Sportster.  Now this bike isn't a gangster bike by any means, but I'm no tough guy either.  Just the right amount of swag for a lad like myself.  We'll see what adventurous tale that bike lives in the future.  Last but not least, my main distraction right now is still the 69' Karmann Ghia.  She's my daily driver and a great distance vehicle it turns out.  We drove to Big Sur with the Ghia and camped with some amigos.  Great story.  In any case she ran the coast like a top and I'm more than excited fr the next trip.  Smoggy hair n beers.  Cheers!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Clayton's 1981 Harley

This is my beautiful 1981 Harley Davidson Tour Glide Classic or fltc.  I have had this machine about four years.  To be honest can't really tell you for sure.  We have had ups and downs.  Broken cables leaving me out in the cold and fish tail exhaust pipes getting me laid a time or two. Since these wonderful encounters I have replaced the rusted out fish tails with drag pipes.  It's the second year Harley put out their 80 ci motor and this thing is built from hell.  I've already put about 12000 miles on it since it's been rebuilt and just had the top end redone.  This motor will rattle the dentures out of your face.  Accompanied by the ugliest seat in the world I am fully convinced I can go a good 500 miles before my ass tingles.  As ugly as it is where ever I roll up all eyes are on me.  Soon enough the motor will be torn out of it and put into a chopper but for now she's mine and she treats me well.  Stay smoggy!!!!


Saturday, November 23, 2013


God made the birds
And God made B
She's canned oxygen to me

Because Beatrice had a blown head gasket, quite a bit of coolant was getting into the fuel system, ultimately damaging the oxygen sensor. And since ol' B has been running a bit rough since she got a new engine put in her--somewhat terrible acceleration, resulting in a bizarre sluggishness--I thought I would at least eliminate this component as a possible cause for the issue. It could just as well be a distributor vacuum advance issue, too. We'll wait and see. I had a nice conversation with Thee Flying Seahorse on my drive back from Orange County, and he enlightened me on new-engine protocol such as driving tips and recommended oil changes for the first 1500 miles. I still have quite a bit of miles to put on B before the engine is fully broken in. Fingers crossed this quick-fix helps. If anything, I'm hoping for better gas mileage. This post sucks.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Nick Petrilla and I went on a mini-vacay camping trip at Nira Campground in the Los Padres National Forest this past weekend, somewhere northeast of Hwy 154. Campfires weren't allowed, which was a bummer. To battle the near-freezing cold, we wore some Uncle Chuck wine blankets, made some grilled cheese with tomato soup, and lit a two-log fire. We were worried a ranger would be knocking on our tent come 6:30 this morning, but we lucked out. Rebels. Here are some pictures from our barren campsite and the hike we went on. Pleasant talks were had. Suck Fest 2015 is coming; Ghost Lovers are already on the bill. Scope Irvine Sucks Dot Com. Camp more.

Jeepers Creepers

So I got a 1978 DJ-5 Jeep.  Similar to a CJ-5 but it's a chopped top U.S.P.S. mail dispatch Jeep.  This means the driver wheel is on the right hand side of the vehicle... blowin' my mind!  I was showing off the accelerating power to Flying Seahorse, the first night I had the Jeep, and sparks started flying by his lid.  We quickly pulled over and had established the battery was not properly secured and the positive end made direct contact with the hood of the car.  No harm was done and just a handy dandy "smog cabin" washer did the trick.  Band Aid.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Found some more slip wallets C.S.G. whipped out about a year ago.  I was inspired to make a patriotic design and this is what I came up with.  Melanie sliced up an outline I made and there you have it... quick results.  Also picked up the new Knife album, "Shaking the Habitual".  Insanely lush triple LP to the dome.  AMERICA CABIN.