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Saturday, November 23, 2013


God made the birds
And God made B
She's canned oxygen to me

Because Beatrice had a blown head gasket, quite a bit of coolant was getting into the fuel system, ultimately damaging the oxygen sensor. And since ol' B has been running a bit rough since she got a new engine put in her--somewhat terrible acceleration, resulting in a bizarre sluggishness--I thought I would at least eliminate this component as a possible cause for the issue. It could just as well be a distributor vacuum advance issue, too. We'll wait and see. I had a nice conversation with Thee Flying Seahorse on my drive back from Orange County, and he enlightened me on new-engine protocol such as driving tips and recommended oil changes for the first 1500 miles. I still have quite a bit of miles to put on B before the engine is fully broken in. Fingers crossed this quick-fix helps. If anything, I'm hoping for better gas mileage. This post sucks.

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