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Thursday, February 6, 2014


I could have sworn I had more than 8 posts, but that sounds about right. When I reflected on it a few weeks ago, I realized every VAN LIFE post had sort of disappointed me; I never felt like the essence was captured. Perhaps that's because it felt so pure each night. This also may just be an excuse for neglect.  Who knows, and here I am. I moved into a room just this past Saturday. Of course, it's bare-bones, and I love it. Books are out with more to come. Records are spinning. Heat is heating. Wine is wining. I can cook what I want and when I want. I can shower when I want. And I can pee indoors, rather than sneaking around shadowy corners outside. Appreciation is certainly present. Pictures above are just a tiny glance. 

Worldly Wisdom
Do not stay in the field!
Nor climb out of sight.
The best view of the world
Is from a medium height.

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